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Although a relatively new brand, we have over 30 years’ experience within the adult industry. Hand pouring passion, creativity and imagination into every one of our products, Sinnovator is not just about the sex toy; it is about the story behind it.

As advocates for the importance of using body safe materials in the manufacture of sex toys, we spent weeks sourcing the perfect material to support our ethos. Witnessing first-hand the harmful chemicals being used in these products, whilst also recognising that the sex toy industry is dangerously under-regulated, we were quick to realise that responsibility for user safety lies with us.

Selecting a material that was not only 100% body safe, non-toxic and phthalates free, but that also retained perfect pliability and flawlessly followed the shape of our intricately detailed moulds was a lengthy process, but it was very much worthwhile. Rigorous testing led us to our signature, platinum grade silicone; which is vastly superior to the majority of other sex toy materials out there. Our aim, therefore, is to ensure you can be as vigilant and health conscious when choosing your sex toy as you are with everything else you put in and on your body!

It is more than our fine quality material that sets us apart from the competition. Indeed, providing a completely unique shopping experience, we offer a whole concept, rather than simply a sex toy. With two skilled artisans at the helm, the Sinnovator brand is synonymous with originality, creativity, unparalleled design detail and superior quality. Painstakingly crafted, with intricate design detail, each initial idea is lovingly nurtured and expertly evolves into the fantastic final specimen you see today. Each initial idea is hand-sculpted from clay, which is subsequently used to create moulds into which the fine quality, platinum grade silicone will be poured. The meticulous manufacture process involves accurately measuring and stirring the silicone, before eliminating the bubbles in a vacuum chamber prior to pouring. Once poured, the silicone is left in the mould to cure.

This entire process enables our talented team to witness their imagination springing to life in front of their very eyes!

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