Sinnovator Saphira Dragon Egg Platinum Silicone Butt Plug 3.5 Inches

Sinnovator Saphira Dragon Egg Platinum Silicone Butt Plug 3.5 Inches 1 5 5 1

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Key Features
  1. An armour plated egg that seeks the warmth & protection you can provide
  2. Expertly handcrafted & uniquely detailed with scales
  3. Tapered shape facilitates comfortable insertion – use with silicone or water-based lubricant
  4. Perfectly placed on a pedestal for your adoration
  5. Made from fine quality, platinum silicone- body safe, non-porous & phthalates free
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Seeking warmth and protection, this armour-plated egg easily identifies its owner and situates itself accordingly.

Trained to follow orders, the Sinnovator Saphira Dragon Egg Butt Plug features a tapered tip to ensure it glides into its lair with ease. A source of great power, it promises to complete its quest without question and fulfil its destiny. A slightly scaled down version of the Sinnovator Drogon Dragon Egg Butt Plug, Saphira is the offspring of a less intimidating beast and is suitable for the slightly more novice riders.

Expertly designed and handcrafted from clay, this superior silicone butt plug features a stunning scaled texture that provides intense pleasure and unique stimulation. Perfectly placed on a pedestal, this dragon egg is one to be worshipped and revered as a superior sex toy. Hand poured using the very finest, platinum silicone, it is body safe, non-toxic and phthalates free. In addition, it is compatible with your favourite lubricants.

Signature Colour: Sinnovator has created the perfect signature colour for the Saphira Dragon Egg Butt Plug. Sitting royally atop its pedestal of rich honey, the colour peeks through the sensual dripping of colour from above. Climbing up to the egg itself, cool tones of olive wrap around before magically blending into the bold, shimmering teal of the armour-plated egg. Choose ‘signature colour’ above to add this masterpiece to your collection.

Sinnovator Saphira Dragon Egg Signature Colour

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Sinnovator - How It's Made

Step 1: Mix

Step 1. Mix. Crafted just for you, your Sinnovator creation requires a specialised mix of oils and powders to ensure the correct colour and firmness. The ingredients must be accurately measured, stirred, and placed in a vacuum chamber to eliminate gas and bubbles prior to pouring.

Step 2: Pour

Step 2. Pour. Handcrafted clay sculptures form a structure for the moulds into which the specialised silicone mix is poured. Every customised creation is painstakingly hand poured by skilled artisans, who create a steady stream of silicone that gradually fills the mould and creates a luxurious marble effect.

Step 3: Pack

Step 3. Pack. Once the silicone has set, your tailor-made Sinnovator creation is expertly removed from its mould and beautifully packaged in a resealable, clear fronted bag. Passionate about their work and adding that extra personal touch, our craftsmen will then use a label to sign and date your artwork.

Step 4: Deliver

Step 4. Deliver. Simply place your order before 12pm and your item will be despatched within 48 hours. 100% discreet, there are no company details or indications as to what is inside your parcel and the strong, protective packaging ensures your Sinnovator sex toy reaches you in the very finest condition.

Made in the UK

Your Sinnovator toy is created in our workshop in the UK and is made of materials that are all 100% produced in the USA. We only use platinum silicone, which is a premium quality, body safe material instead of the old favourite, vastly inferior rubbers, vinyls and plastics.


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