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How It Is Made

Design Your Own Dildo: February 2021

From over 300 entries to the eventual winner, introducing the "Rhino"

From Concept to Creation

Because we wanted to involve you in the entire process of ‘concept to creation’ from start to finish, we are tracking the movements of the Rhino, our first fan designed toy. We were thrilled at the success of our very first Design Your Own Dildo competition and as soon as the battle lines were ‘drawn’ the response was overwhelming. Indeed, we received more than 300 entries, which we subsequently shortlisted to 4 and put up for a public vote. A Twitter poll determined the winner between the 2 finalists.

3D Printing the Rhino

Although our designs are primarily sculpted from clay, we used 3D print technology for the Rhino so that we could replicate the design as closely as possible. This printing process is absolutely mesmerising and, as such, we captured it on film so you could see witness it for yourself (above). Watching the design come to life before your very eyes is an impressive sight to behold! Our sculptors then painstakingly sanded each of the 3 prints so they were flawlessly smooth and in the perfect condition for making moulds.

Making Moulds & Preparing the Silicone

Once the Rhinos had been printed and sanded, multiple layers of silicone were applied to each of them and they were subsequently left to dry. These silicone casings are essentially what we use as our moulds, so they must be very thick and able to support the weight of the silicone that will be poured into them. Once we have our mould, the next stage is preparing the silicone, which must be accurately measured, stirred, and put into a vacuum chamber to eliminate any gas and bubbles before pouring. The silicone colour (powder) and firmness used will reflect the choice made by the customer. However, it is our skilled craftsmen that select the signature colour, which involves experimenting with powders and pouring techniques until they achieve the perfect combination. In this case it is a stunning silver and gorgeous pink.

Final Product

Finally, the Rhino was released into the wild and made a home for itself on the Sinnovator website. There it resides and attracts the gaze of all those wishing to witness it in its natural habitat and gaze at its magnificence! Supremely strong and having expertly evolved and adapted to its environment, it is certainly not an endangered species. Its dermal armour and big, powerful body can make it an intimidating animal; however, it really is a gentle giant and certainly means you no harm. However, you should only approach the large Rhino if you have encountered similar sized beasts previously!

A note from the designer: “Inspired by rhinos with their dermal armour. Thick like a rhino too.”

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