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Sinnovator Buying Guide

Welcome to the Sinnovator Buying Guide – Your Path to Personalized Pleasure

Embark on a journey of discovery with Sinnovator's Buying Guide, your comprehensive resource for navigating the world of custom-made silicone sex toys. Our guide is designed to empower you with the knowledge and insights needed to make informed decisions, ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority.

Why Choose the Sinnovator Buying Guide?

  1. Tailored Expertise: Dive into a wealth of information about our custom creations, crafted to cater to your unique desires.

  2. Product Insights: Gain in-depth knowledge about the features, materials, and design options available for a truly personalized experience.

  3. Size Matters: Understand the dimensions that suit you best with guidance on choosing the perfect size for your preferences.

  4. Material Mastery: Explore the benefits of premium silicone, as we detail the safety, cleanliness, and superior quality of our materials.

  5. Customization Tips: Unlock the secrets to creating a bespoke toy that aligns perfectly with your fantasies.

  6. User-Friendly Navigation: Seamlessly navigate through our Buying Guide for a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Sinnovator is committed to providing you with not just products, but an education in pleasure. Explore our Buying Guide and discover the path to a world of satisfaction tailored just for you.

Material Firmness

All Sinnovator creations are hand-poured from premium grade platinum silicone and are available in choice of different densities, as follows:

Medium Soft - Around 4A on the shorehardness scale. The most malleable firmness available, medium soft silicone is pliable and follows the natural contours of the body for customised stimulation. Please consider that some larger designs will not stand independently when poured using medium soft silicone.

Medium - Around 10A on the shorehardness scale. Less flexible than the afore mentioned ‘medium soft’ silicone, the composition of this silicone makes it much firmer and less adaptable.

Medium Firm – Around 20A on the shorehardness scale. Available for urethral sounds only due to their smaller size, this is the hardest firmness that we have available. It is difficult to compress and generally quite unyielding. In addition, it quickly returns to its original shape after use.


Please note: for safety reasons, depth training toys are available in Medium Soft only.


Consider the following when selecting your firmness:

  1. The size of your sex toy – a smaller toy will feel softer than a larger toy, despite being made from the same firmness of silicone.
  2. Stability – would you like your toy to stand unsupported? If so, opt for medium silicone. Please remember that some of the larger toys will not stand unsupported regardless of their firmness E.g. the Dagon. We would typically recommend medium soft silicone for the larger toys, anyway, as it will provide them with the perfect pliability to follow the natural contours of the body.
  3. Toys with varying diameters may feel as though they have differing densities throughout.

Base Options

All Sinnovator sex toys have a flat base as standard and the majority of which are flared for safety. However, it is possible to customise them as follows:

Vac-U-Lock Compatible Base

A uniquely shaped hole is moulded into the base of the toy. This ensures compatibility with your favourite Vac-U-Lock accessories, including strap ons and fucking machines. Please note: Dual Density dildos come with a Vac-U-Lock hole in the base as standard.

Vac-U-Lock Compatible Base With Suction Cup

Your toy features a Vac-U-Lock hole in the base, into which a Sinnovator Vac-U-lock Compatible Suction Cup is inserted. The suction cup can be removed so that your toy can be used with all your favourite Vac-U-Lock accessories. In addition, the suction cup is compatible with your favourite Vac-U-Lock sex toys.

Double Suction Cup

We recommend using a Double Suction Cup on items weighing over 1kg. This has greater strength and stability than the standard Vac-U-Lock Compatible Suction Cup Base. And our Double Suction Cup has the best ‘SUCK’ anywhere!

Sinnovator Suction Cups

Made from the same, premium platinum silicone as Sinnovator sex toys, Sinnovator Suction Cups are supremely strong and can be attached to most smooth, flat surfaces with ease.

Colour Options

In addition to customising the firmness and base of your Sinnovator sex toy, it is also possible to customise the colour. Indeed, there are an ever growing selection of colours to choose from. The vibrant, iridescent colours have a marble-like effect running through them and are a product of only the very finest powders. Designed not to fade, your toy will remain as vivid as the day it was purchased!

Colour Effects

Solid Colour

One colour is chosen from the vast array of options available, from jet black to neon pink. The fine quality powder is mixed with the premium silicone to create a vibrant colour that runs evenly throughout the entirety of the toy. If you can't see the colour you'd like, message us and we'll get it!


A combination of two colours that are gradually blended into one another using a funnel. One colour progressively becomes fainter as it merges into the other, resulting in the gentle transition from one colour to another.

 Please note: Colour 1 will be the tip/top of the product and Colour 2 will be the base/bottom.


A stunning mottled effect that is achieved by layering 2 colours together in a pot before pouring. The result is delightful duotone and a beautiful blend of colours that merge to form a truly unique pattern.

Shaft & Base

On designs where a clear split is identifiable, one colour can be used on the shaft and one on the base/bottom part of the toy. There is no gradual transition of colours in this case, it involves pouring the first colour, leaving the silicone to set, and then pouring the second colour on top.

Colour Tones


Flesh Tones

If you are ordering a realistic dildo from the Sinnovator collection, you may opt for one of our flesh tones. Select 'solid colour' and choose vanilla, caramel, chocolate or dark chocolate!

Pastel Tones

We have some stunning pastel colour options available, including purple, yellow, green, blue and pink. Simply choose 'solid colour' and select your favourite from the selection of colour cubes on display.

UV Colour Options

Cum Tubes


Adding a cum tube is now an option on a selection of Sinnovator toys. A silicone tube is cast in the centre of the dildo and externally connects to a 60ml syringe, which is filled with your chosen cum lubricant/formula. Use to simulate ejaculation, or to apply lubricant in all those hard-to-reach places, particularly if you are using a depth training dildo! View our entire collection of Ejaculating Dildos!