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Sinnovator Lubricant & Care Pack Sinnovator Lubricant & Care Pack
Sinnovator Lubricant & Care Pack
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Sinnovator Lubricant & Care Pack

Save big on this money saving multi-buy pack of lubricant and cleaning spray! Expertly formulated toy cleaner proven to kill surface bacteria & instantly refresh your Sinnovator sex toys Simply spray & go with the premium cleaner - no rinsing is necessary - just air dry & store Long lasting formula is compatible with all your favourite toys, doesn’t become sticky or dry out & is suitable for more
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Expertly designed
100% body-safe, non-toxic, phthalate-free
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When paired together, this discount duo will never to disappoint. So, save yourself some money and get right to the action – with all bases covered


Sinnovator Lube Water Based Lubricant:

Enhance every sublime sensation that has become synonymous with your painstakingly crafted Sinnovator creation, with this premium water-based lubricant.

Expertly formulated using the finest quality ingredients, the Sinnovator Lube has been specifically developed for use with your Sinnovator sex toy. Indeed, its water-base won’t damage or erode the premium platinum silicone and, because we pride ourselves on helping people to be as health conscious with sex toys and lubricants as they are with everything else, it is 100% body safe, odourless, fragrance free and free from alcohol.

Its thick and creamy consistency is the perfect accompaniment for your favourite plaything. The gentle formula is suitable for use both anally or vaginally and, because it is long lasting, it is ideal for more extreme activities with larger toys. Additionally, the water-based formula is non-staining and non-greasy, meaning it won’t mark your sheets/play area and is easily cleaned up after your play has come to an end. Our Sinnovator Lube also won’t become sticky or prematurely dry out whilst you enjoy the company of your Sinnovator sex toy.

Containing 100ml of this premium lubricant, the ergonomic bottle means you can quickly and easily apply more lubricant to your toy/body when desired without ruining the mood!

Sinnovator Clean as a Whistle Antibacterial Toy Cleaner:

This expertly formulated antibacterial toy cleaner contains only the very finest quality ingredients that are proven to kill surface bacteria and instantly refresh your toys! The powerful formula will get to work immediately, tackling germs and odours to ensure your toys are always in the optimum condition for play. Indeed, there is no need to wipe or rinse due to the 100% body safe, skin friendly, hygienic chemical free and non-irritating formula. Simply allow to air dry and store as normal. Just wipe down with a damp cloth beforehand to remove any residue, if required, and then simply spray and go!

You may be ‘dirty’, but your sex toys should be clean! Indeed, to avoid the build-up of bacteria or foreign matter, Sinnovator sex toys should be cleaned before first use and after every use.

Kind to you and your Sinnovator creations, the Sinnovator Clean as a Whistle Toy Cleaner comes complete in an ergonomic spray bottle that is quick and easy to use, offering maximum coverage with a minimal amount. Disinfecting your personal products with ease, it is a simple, yet incredibly effective, way to care for your toys!