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Sinnovator Shoal Wand Attachment
Sinnovator Shoal Wand Attachment
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Sinnovator Shoal Wand Attachment

- Sinnovator Shoal Wand Attachment, formerly Euphoric Sensations, upgraded with enhanced exoskeleton and fin detail. - Use with your wand massager for a powerful hybrid experience. - Soft silicone dorsal and side fins mimic oral sex sensations. - Versatile for extreme play, kinky couple fun, or solo pleasure. - Hand-poured from premium, body-safe, phthalates-free platinum silicone.
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Expertly designed & hand poured
100% body-safe, non-toxic, phthalate-free
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The Creature has evolved! The shape of pleasure emerges in a new, more detailed form. Formerly Euphoric Sensations, the Shoal has undergone a design upgrade, with more pronounced exoskeleton detail and side fins to give it a truly unique look and feel.

Create a monstrous hybrid with unparalleled power that will not stop until it achieves its goal. An unidentified creature from the deep lagoon, it has gills and fins so that it can survive both in water and on land. However, this is only the case if its companion (wand vibrator) is capable of the same! Also featuring exquisite exoskeleton detail, this aquatic animal has expertly evolved to achieve what is expected of it. Dragging all those in its presence down to its level, they will achieve new levels of depravity.

This fine quality wand vibrator attachment from Sinnovator has been expertly hand sculpted with intricate and unique detail. Simply slide it over the head of your favourite wand massager and discover unparalleled intensity. Featuring a soft silicone dorsal (top) to mimic the sensations of oral sex, this versatile tool can be enjoyed both ways round. The unusual exoskeleton will apply perfect pressure and tantalise those sensitive spots beautifully, while the soft fins transmit the vibrations vigorously for a powerful and luscious licking sensation. Hand poured from premium, platinum silicone, it not only feels delectable as it caresses and pleases, it is 100% body safe, non-toxic and phthalates free.

The Sinnovator Shoal Wand Attachment is compatible with standard sized Doxy wand massagers, the Fairy Wand Massager and the Lelo Smart Wand.

Signature Colour: The Sinnovator Shoal Wand Attachment has been expertly hand sculpted with intricate attention to detail by our talented team. Its signature colour is a captivating medley of stunning pistachio green blending and swirling with a deep sea-foam shade which really highlights its stunning design detail. Choose ‘signature colour’ to own it for yourself.