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About Us

Our Mission

To deliver a unique and customisable sex toy, inspired by fantasy and guided by quality, with 5-star service that enables anyone interested in fantasy sex toys to purchase body-safe, non-toxic products from a company that respects customer insight, feedback, and loyalty.

Our Values

  • Listen, Learn & Improve
  • Make superior sex toys… then make them better
  • Create products to be proud of – the devil is in the detail
  • Act fast – quick customisation, speedy service, swift delivery
  • Manufacture Responsibly

What makes us unique?

  • Premium platinum silicone
  • Customisation of colour, firmness and addons
  • Handcrafted, creative & imaginative designs
  • Painstaking & intricate design detail
  • Stunning signature colours
  • Fast – no production delays & quick delivery
  • 5-star customer service
  • Free discreet delivery for UK & US customers

Our Story

Imagine if you will, an alternate reality. A paradisiacal place where fantasy meets reality; where salaciously sinful behaviour is embraced and enjoyed indiscriminately. Inspired by this idea, Sinnovator has conceived a hybrid world. A world in which there are no taboos and the imagination of its talented team springs to life!

Starting its journey as a simple idea scribbled onto a piece of paper, every Sinnovator sex toy is nurtured from initial inception through to the flawless masterpiece it inevitably becomes. The story of the brand, however, dates back as far as 1400 AD when the term ‘dildo’ was coined. Aptly originating from the Latin for ‘dilatare’, which means ‘open wide’, and the Italian for delight, which translates as ‘diletto’, Sinnovator provides the temptation required for people to indulge in their ‘guilty’ pleasures.

It's fair to say that people have been pleasuring themselves since the dawn of time. Indeed, there are reports that cave people used phallic objects carved from ivory, antler and stone to fulfil their needs. although that’s a far cry from the choice available today, it is only in recent years that customers have become so scrupulous about the material they choose to penetrate themselves with. Indeed, over the last 10 years we’ve seen a substantial rise in the health-conscious pleasure seeker; opting for premium quality, body safe materials instead of the old favourite, vastly inferior rubbers, vinyls and plastics.

Born of a desire to deliver the quality that people deserve, both in terms of design and material, Sinnovator came into existence as a result of witnessing first-hand the harmful chemicals being used in sex toys. After acquiring an existing brand, the team were horrified by some of the processes being used. This sparked their passion to create superior sex toys that are not only 100% body safe, but that have also been expertly engineered for maximum gratification and unparalleled aesthetic design. Loopholes in the sex toy industry have made it difficult to regulate, resulting in toxic materials and unsafe products becoming rife. This premium brand aims to assist people in being as safety and health conscious with their sex toys as they are with everything else they put in their body!

Sinnovator hand pours its creations using the very finest, platinum silicone. Sourcing a silicone that retained perfect pliability, took on the shape of its moulds flawlessly, felt sensationally soft to the touch and met many other strict Sinnovator specifications was a slow process, but it was one they were determined to get right. The chosen silicone is not only 100% body safe, non-toxic and phthalate free, it looks and feels superb.

Rigorous testing was not only vital in choosing the correct material, it was necessary for ascertaining the optimum procedure for pouring into moulds. The painstaking process is one that cannot be rushed. The silicone must be accurately measured, stirred, and put into a vacuum chamber; where it froths up, reminiscent of a volcano about to erupt. This eliminates the gas/bubbles prior to pouring. Finally, the silicone is left in the moulds to cure.


In addition to the material, what really sets Sinnovator sex toys apart from the rest is its unique and imaginative designs. It may seem odd that in a studio equipped with some of the most advanced apparatus available, two skilled artisans spend their day handcrafting clay creations; but this is exactly the case. These clay sculptures are subsequently utilised to make moulds. This clever combination of traditional and pioneering techniques ensures intricate attention to detail and unparalleled quality. Showcasing hours of painstaking detail, Sinnovator products are expertly engineered; not only to be stunning in appearance, but to provide incredibly intense stimulation. Each ridge, line, vein and bulge is perfectly positioned for optimum pleasure.

As a small family owned business, Sinnovator even offers colour and base customisation with the aim to fulfil every ‘fantasy’!