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Sinnovator Toy Care Guide

Sinnovator TLC Guide

Our premium platinum silicone is supremely strong and durable, but it is not indestructible! As such, it is vital that you care for it correctly. Please do not allow anything sharp to come into contact with your toy, including your fingernails or teeth. Silicone will continue to tear if it becomes nicked or cut and this makes it vulnerable to ripping. We also advise against using on rough surfaces to avoid abrasion.


Which Lubricants Can I Use?

Our premium platinum silicone is compatible with water, silicone, and oil-based lubricants. There is various information out there suggesting that silicone lubricants cannot be used with silicone sex toys; however, this is not the case with our platinum cured silicone. Indeed, we have carried out various tests and have not seen or received any reports of any adverse effects as a result of using silicone lubricant with our toys.


Water Based

Choose a water-based lubricant for butt plugs because it is easily absorbed and will lock your plug in place. Simply re-apply when it’s time to remove.

Oil Based/Grease

Yes, that’s right, unlike those horrible jelly, PVC and vinyl toys, our premium platinum silicone is compatible with oil-based lubricants! We recommend a vegetable shortening, such as Crisco, or a soluble oil-based lubricant for wider toys that require more stretching. Please note: oil based lubricants attack latex and vinyl, so it is not possible to use with condoms.

Silicone Based

Silicone based lubricants are slick and creamy, making them perfect for anal depth training and longer toys. However, silicone lubricant is harder to wash off toys after use, which can lead to it trapping viruses and bacteria and can make sharing toys problematic. Make sure you clean thoroughly using one of the methods detailed below.

Because we pride ourselves on helping people to be as health conscious with sex toys AND lubricants as they are with everything else, we have also specially concocted our very own Sinnovator Lube. Expertly formulated using the finest quality ingredients, Sinnovator Lube has been specifically developed for use with your Sinnovator sex toy because it has been tried and tested to ensure it won’t damage or erode the premium platinum silicone and is 100% body safe. Opt for our Powder Lubricant if you’re into more extreme activities that require a lot of lubrication!



Cleaning Your Sinnovator Toys

Always clean your Sinnovator sex toy with soap and warm water before first use!

You may be ‘dirty’, but your sex toys should be clean! Indeed, to avoid the build-up of bacteria or foreign matter, Sinnovator sex toys should be cleaned after every use. This can be done simply using soap and warm water or our antibacterial toy cleaner. However, please bear in mind, the type or strength of soap required will vary depending upon the type of lubricant you use with your toy. Of course, water-based lubricant washes off easily, but silicone lubricants are at the other end of the spectrum and require a stronger soap to remove them. Similarly, using an oil-based lubricant on your toy means it will require a soap with grease cutting power to clean it. Once you have cleaned your toy with soap and warm water to remove any lubricant and residue, simply spot dry with a cloth or paper towels and leave to air dry completely before storing.

Because our premium platinum silicone can withstand high temperatures, cleaning your Sinnovator sex toy by boiling is also possible. However, because silicone is such a good insulator, it should be raised off the bottom of the pan to avoid doing any damage to it, or your toy. Stand upright on a grate in a tall pot and boil for 3-4 minutes. It will even withstand the high temperatures of an autoclave for a more thorough clean (sterilisation), if you happen to have one!

Alternatively, you can run your toy through a cycle in your dishwasher. Stack in the top or bottom rack, but always keep it upright so that it doesn’t take on any impressions of the rack. Although this is a good method of sanitisation, the abrasive action of the inside of the dishwasher may pit or dull the surface of your Sinnovator sex toys over time, so it is not preferred. However, should you choose to clean your toy in this manner, please remember to rinse off any residue/sponge off any solids beforehand.

Not only can Sinnovator’s premium platinum silicone withstand high temperatures, but it is also hydrophobic, meaning it doesn’t absorb water. As such, soaking in a 10% bleach solution for approximately 10 minutes is a viable method of sterilisation. Again, use a sponge to remove any solids first and always thoroughly rinse with warm water after soaking. If using silicone lubricant, ensure you have thoroughly cleaned this off before soaking too, otherwise it can create a film. Never soak with toys made from different materials, particularly vinyl, as the plasticisers in it will migrate into the water and damage your Sinnovator sex toys.

If you opted for an ejaculating dildo, your toy will have a built in ‘cum tube’ with a 60ml syringe attached. It is important to clean out the contents of the syringe and cum tube after each use to avoid a build-up of foreign matter or congealed lubricant. This can be done by flushing the tube out with warm, soapy water or a 10% bleach solution. Simply add to the syringe and force the solution through. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning!


Removing Odours

Despite having never experienced or received any complaints regarding odours, we recognise that there is a small chance they could occur, particularly if our toys are worn for long periods of time. Indeed, the tiny amount of pure silicone oil exuded by our toys remains on the surface and cannot be washed off using traditional cleaning methods. It is possible that this oil may trap in certain odours. To prevent this, try douching 2-3 hours before play/wear! And, if you find that your toys are still retaining certain unpleasant odours despite your best efforts and very best cleaning skills, there are a couple more things you can try:

We have found the best way to remove odour from silicone is either by using acetone or by using an enzymatic cleaner such as, the Sinnovator Probiotic Cleaner. Simply rub a small amount of acetone (nail polish remover) into the surface of the toy and, for really stubborn odours, follow this up with a soak in an enzymatic cleaner. To get the enzymes on the entire surface of the toy without having to use a lot, put your toy in in its Sinnovator packaging with some of the solution (several sprays should do the trick), remove the air from the bag and seal. Allow to rest in the solution for a couple of hours. Remember, always rinse thoroughly after using acetone or an enzymatic cleaner!


Storing Your Sinnovator Toys

 There are many reasons why we were attracted to platinum silicone as our signature material for Sinnovator toys. However, sadly, many other things are also attracted to silicone, and these ones are less desirable! Indeed, if your toys are not stored correctly, you’ll find that they collect dust and dirt, which makes them a breeding ground for bacteria. As such, it is vitally important that they are correctly covered and protected from their surroundings.

Your Sinnovator toys should always be stored clean and dry. Leaving to air dry completely is vitally important as, because silicone is non-toxic, mould could grow if stored damp. Once dry, we recommend placing in your resealable Sinnovator packaging, either upright or laid flat, without any kinks and in a location where they won’t get squashed/flattened. We like to use clear, plastic containers to store the individual toys in their packaging, but you could also consider investing in a toy box.

We advise against it, but if you choose to wrap your Sinnovator toys in cloths, be sure to opt for cotton and be aware that it is likely to absorb some of the oil from the silicone. Cloths should be new and not repurposed from storing vinyl toys as the plasticisers in the cloth will be enough to dissolve the silicone.

Because silicone is sensitive to the materials used in other low quality sex toys, particularly vinyl, Sinnovator toys should be stored separately. In addition, it’s important that they never come into contact with other brands of toys as it could lead to the silicone breaking down and the leaching of odours/colours. Even using a box or shelf which once stored vinyl toys will damage your Sinnovator toys because the plasticisers used in them will have penetrated the surface and can dissolve the chemical bonds in the silicone!