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Sinnovator Lube Powder Lubricant 200g Sinnovator Lube Powder Lubricant 200g
Sinnovator Lube Powder Lubricant 200g
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Sinnovator Lube Powder Lubricant 200g

- Makes up to 20 liters of premium water-based lubricant - Specially formulated for use with platinum silicone Sinnovator creations - Extensively tested with a wide range of toys for effectiveness and safety - Maintains the appearance of platinum silicone toys - Compatible with Sinnovator depth training toys, huge dildos, and anal sex toys - 100% body-safe, non-toxic, and latex-safe
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100% body-safe, non-toxic, phthalate-free
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Painstakingly formulated using the finest quality ingredients, the Sinnovator Lube Powder Lubricant has been tried and tested to ensure it enhances every sublime sensation that has become synonymous with your expertly crafted Sinnovator creation.

Making up to 20 litres of premium water-based lubricant, Sinnovator Lube boasts a luxuriously thick consistency that is long lasting with no nasty additives. Ideal for use with our more extreme toys, such as depth trainers, huge dildos and huge anal sex toys, this powder lubricant ensures you can mix as much as you wish to last for as long as you need. Sinnovator Lube won’t damage or erode our signature platinum silicone and, because we pride ourselves on helping people to be as health conscious with sex toys and lubricants as they are with everything else, it is 100% body safe!

Easy to make, simply mix 1 dessert spoon of Sinnovator Lube Powder with 1 litre of water for a slick, long lasting water-based lubricant which reinvents the science of personal lubrication. Indeed, if you want a high volume of lube without stockpiling, Sinnovator Lube is the perfect solution. The gentle formula is suitable for use both anally or vaginally and, unlike many other water-based lubricants, it is long lasting and doesn’t dry out quickly. Additionally, the water-base means it is non-staining, non-greasy and won’t mark your sheets/play area.