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Sinnovator Imp Platinum Silicone Penis Gag
Sinnovator Imp Platinum Silicone Penis Gag
Sinnovator Imp Platinum Silicone Penis Gag
Sinnovator Imp Platinum Silicone Penis Gag
Sinnovator Imp Platinum Silicone Penis Gag
Sinnovator Imp Platinum Silicone Penis Gag
Sinnovator Imp Platinum Silicone Penis Gag
Sinnovator Imp Platinum Silicone Penis Gag
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Sinnovator Imp Platinum Silicone Penis Gag

- The Imp: Mischievous Helper - Reversible Bondage Gag - Can Suppress Wearer's Tongue or Provide Pleasure to Dominant - Premium Platinum Silicone Construction - Hypoallergenic, Body Safe, Non-Toxic, Phthalates Free - Penis: 5cm (1.9 inches) Insertable Length - Ball Diameter: 4cm (1.6 inches) - Adjustable Head Strap: 15.75 to 21.3 inches - Intricate Needlework and Craftsmanship
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Expertly designed & hand poured
100% body-safe, non-toxic, phthalate-free
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No longer mere folklore, the Imp has been brought to life as a means of stirring up trouble and causing conflict amongst those in its presence.

This small, troublesome creature is what legends are made of! Revelling in mischief, the Sinnovator Imp should only be summoned as a helper by the evilest of Dominants. Commanding silence and admiration by those it has set its sights upon, it has expertly evolved to fulfil its ever-changing purpose. Indeed, the Imp is capable of quickly and easily changing direction to pursue a different goal should it so desire. Striking fear amongst those that experience its power, it will leave them drooling in desperation, yet incapable of making a sound.

The Sinnovator Imp Platinum Silicone Penis Gag oozes fine quality craftsmanship and exquisite attention to detail, with its stunning realistic features, including raised veins, skin folds and a pronounced head with V-spot. In addition, the sumptuous leather head strap showcases intricate needlework and heavy-duty metal hardware. The versatile design of this bondage gag means the penis portion can be worn either way round, either to supress the tongue of the wearer or for forced pleasure of their Dominant. Measuring 2 inches in insertable length, it has a ball at the base for the wearer to bite down on, whichever way around it is being worn.

The perfect material for a mouth gag, the penis part of the Imp is hand poured from premium platinum silicone that is hypoallergenic, body safe, non-toxic and phthalates free. It is connected to the head strap using 2 large metal O-rings and press studs, which enable you to detach it and turn it around for further customisation. In addition, the head strap is fully adjustable between 15.75 and 21.3 inches and is secured in place using the buckle at the back.

Signature Colour: Expertly hand poured in its signature colour, this gag really stands out from the crowd. The mysteriously dark shimmering ebony flows down the length of the penis – glimmering and oozing sophistication. Complimented with the exquisite leather head strap, all eyes will be on you. Choose ‘signature colour’ to own this dark delight for yourself.

Please Note: If you wish to purchase the silicone portion of this gag only, simply select ‘without straps’ above. To purchase the gag how it appears in the image, select ‘with straps’.