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Sinnovator Grinder Mystery Bundle
Sinnovator Grinder Mystery Bundle
1/ 1

Sinnovator Grinder Mystery Bundle

- Unparalleled Uniqueness: The Sinnovator Grinder Mystery Bundle delivers a design and experience - Immersive Roleplay: Crafted with care for immersive and creative roleplay experiences - Texture Variety: Explore silky smooth and textured pleasures with multiple textures - Cutting-Edge Craftsmanship: Expertly designed using advanced 3D technology and hand-poured from platinum-cure silicone
$160.00 CAD
$0.00 CAD
(taxe inclu)
-1 restant en stock
Expédition dans le monde entier
Conçu par des experts et coulé à la main
100% sûr pour le corps, non toxique, sans phtalates
Paiements sécurisés

Introducing the Sinnovator Grinder Mystery Bundle – a tantalizing duo of hand-poured wonders curated exclusively for the adventurous pleasure seeker. Unleash a cascade of ecstasy with this unique assortment, each product crafted with precision, passion, and the unmistakable touch of Sinnovator expertise. Dive into the world of uncharted desires as you embrace the unknown with our Sinnovator Grinder Mystery Bundle. This exclusive collection brings together two hand-poured treasures, carefully selected from our finest ready-made creations. Indulge in the mystery and excitement of unveiling each exquisite piece, designed to elevate your pleasure to new, unparalleled heights.

Indulge in pleasure with discretion as the Sinnovator Grinder Mystery Bundle arrives in elegant, minimalist packaging. Our commitment to your privacy is as unwavering as our dedication to crafting exceptional pleasure products. The mystery bundle is your passport to a world where sophistication and sensuality converge. Embark on a journey of pleasure exploration with the Sinnovator Grinder Mystery Bundle – where each hand-poured creation is a mystery waiting to be unravelled, and pleasure knows no bounds. Elevate your intimate moments and embrace the thrill of the unknown with Sinnovator, where pleasure is an art and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Please note: The Sinnovator Grinder Mystery Bundle contains two grinders and may or may not come with a vibrating bullet.


Mystery Bundle Terms & Returns Policy:

Despite our thorough quality assessments on every toy, certain items may be produced in an unintended colour, firmness or may exhibit minor aesthetic flaws. It's important to emphasize that these minor imperfections do not compromise the safety or enjoyment of the product. All transactions of the mystery bundles are considered final and are non refundable. In order to preserve the element of surprise, the contents will only be revealed upon the opening.