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Colours Available

One of Sinnovators keys goal is to deliver a unique and customisable sex toy. One of the ways we do this is by offering multiple colour finishes; 

  • Solid Colour: One solid colour all the way through the design
  • Fade: A gradual transition between one colour to another
  • Marble: Two colours mixed together in such away that it resembles a marbling effect
  • Shaft & Base: One colour for the shaft of a design and then another colour for the base.


We are constantly reviewing the colours we offer but the list below shows the currenty colour collection that we are working with:

Glow In The Dark Blue Glow In The Dark Green Neon Orange Neon Pink Pearly Pastel Pink Pearly Pastel Blue
Pearly Pastel Purple Pearly Pastel Green Pink Red Flash Red Cobalt Blue Luster Blue
Iridesent Violet Gold Green Gold Silver Grey Vanilla Caramel
Chocolate Dark Chocolate Jet Black Sinnovator Black    

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