Sinnovator Dagon Sheath Platinum Silicone Penis Extender 10.2 Inches

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Key Features
  1. All-new hybrid breed of sea creature envelops its prey & then plunges to the deepest, darkest depths where it is worshipped by all those in its presence!
  2. Premium penis sheath measures 10.2 inches in insertable length & has a circumference of 6.9 inches, with 3 internal fit options
  3. Features intricate design detail, including suckers that graduate in size, a bulbous diamond shaped tip & various ridges
  4. Expertly designed with a ball loop at the base to keep the cock sheath in place
  5. Hand poured from premium platinum silicone – 100% body safe, non-toxic & phthalates free
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Utilising a unique new ability to transform itself into a hybrid sea creature, the Dagon Sheath is able to plunge deeper into the abyss and explore previously undiscovered areas.

Having expertly evolved from its predecessor, this all-new breed of sea serpent sets its sight on its prey, wraps its body around it and then submerges itself swiftly in the deepest, darkest of places. Indeed, it really is the stuff legends are made of! However, far from fiction, this tentacle deity really does exist and is waiting to drag a ‘chosen one’ down to the depths of depravity with it, where they will subsequently become a Deep One that is worshipped by all those in its presence.

Showcasing hours of painstaking detail, the Dagon Sheath Platinum Silicone Penis Extender boasts all the same intricate detail as the Dagon, but with one obvious design difference; it is wearable. Indeed, featuring an innovative ball loop at the base to keep the sheath in place, it adds length, girth, and unique texture to the penis of the wearer. The bulbous diamond shaped head, suckers along the underside and various ridges not only add to the aesthetics of this piece, but they also provide the wearer’s partner with unparalleled stimulation. As does the insertable length of 10.2 inches and the circumference if 6.9 inches. And, boasting unrivalled attention to detail, the loop at the base is even adorned with small suckers to add to the overall look.

Hand poured by our skilled Sinnovator artisans, the Dagon Sheath envelops the wearer in soft silicone, which also feels sublime as it penetrates their partner. In addition, it is 100% body safe, non-toxic, phthalates free and compatible with all lubricants. To ensure it is completely streamlined, we recommend applying liberally inside and out. Choose between 3 internal size options to ensure a customised fit!

Signature Colour: The vibrant signature colour of the Sinnovator Dagon Sheath brings it beautifully to life. The stunning emerald-green flickers and streams through the outside of the Dagon Sheath, shimmering and adding definition, while the bubble-gum pink suckers stand out proudly. Choose ‘signature colour’ above to add it to your collection.

Sinnovator Dagon Sheath Platinum Silicone Penis Extender

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Sinnovator - How It's Made

Step 1: Mix

Step 1. Mix. Crafted just for you, your Sinnovator creation requires a specialised mix of oils and powders to ensure the correct colour and firmness. The ingredients must be accurately measured, stirred, and placed in a vacuum chamber to eliminate gas and bubbles prior to pouring.

Step 2: Pour

Step 2. Pour. Handcrafted clay sculptures form a structure for the moulds into which the specialised silicone mix is poured. Every customised creation is painstakingly hand poured by skilled artisans, who create a steady stream of silicone that gradually fills the mould and creates a luxurious marble effect.

Step 3: Pack

Step 3. Pack. Once the silicone has set, your tailor-made Sinnovator creation is expertly removed from its mould and beautifully packaged in a resealable, clear fronted bag. Passionate about their work and adding that extra personal touch, our craftsmen will then use a label to sign and date your artwork.

Step 4: Deliver

Step 4. Deliver. Simply place your order before 12pm and your item will be despatched within 48 hours. 100% discreet, there are no company details or indications as to what is inside your parcel and the strong, protective packaging ensures your Sinnovator sex toy reaches you in the very finest condition.

Made in the UK

Your Sinnovator toy is created in our workshop in the UK and is made of materials that are all 100% produced in the USA. We only use platinum silicone, which is a premium quality, body safe material instead of the old favourite, vastly inferior rubbers, vinyls and plastics.


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