Spread The Word For A Free Sinnovator Sex Toy

If, like us, you think Sinnovator sex toys deserve to be showcased to the world, we need you!

Help us spread the word about our fine quality, erotic creations and receive a FREE toy for your ‘trouble’. We’ve identified an exciting new way to broadcast the benefits of Sinnovator sex toys to the world, and we want you to be part of it. Indeed, now you can have your cake AND eat it by being rewarded for simply enjoying yourself.

So, if you’re already a fan of Sinnovator and have purchased a product, get the next one on us by simply posting a video of the toy to one of the following sites: youtube.com / xtube.com / pornhub.com / tube8.com / xhamster.com / xvideos.com / extremetube.com / ashemaletube.com / toypics.net. Videos may also be posted to social media if you have over 10, 000 followers (any other site is not eligible unless specifically approved). Be creative and use your imagination! This video can be anything from you ‘using’/enjoying the product, to simply unboxing it, or providing a detailed product review. Once your video receives 3000+ views, contact us with the link and the order number relating to the product in the video and we will ensure you receive your next toy free of charge!

It’s simple:

  1. Buy a toy
  2. Post video
  3. Get 3k views
  4. Contact us – get free toy

For those that are inexperienced in this type of activity, don’t worry; remain 100% anonymous by not showing your face! It’s quick, free and easy to sign up to one of the afore mentioned sites and they have detailed instructions on how to upload your short video.

We can’t wait to watch your video! Make it as awesome as possible and we may exchange more free toys for videos in the future…

Please Note:

  1. Product must have been purchased from Sinnovator or UberKinky.
  2. "Sinnovator" must be mentioned in the video and contained within the video title
  3. The video must be original (no cams)
  4. Video must be at least 2 minutes long
  5. Offer is applied per person, not per video – we may approve additional future videos in exchange for toys, but this will be done on a case by case basis
  6. Sinnovator reserves the right to refuse this offer for any reason, such as, poor video quality or content
  7. Free toy must be claimed within 30 days from Sinnovator.